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Officers                                              Phone Number     

President- Antonietta Barbato 860-628-2241

Vice President- Giuseppina DeMarco 860-628-0235

Secretary- Jennetta Cusano                      860-620-0796

Treasurer- Connie Palazzo 860-628-0769

Trustee- Clementina Mennone                                860-628-8964

Board of Directors   Phone Number    

Daniela Brunoli-Riccitelli                                        860-356-5756

Marissa Cusano                                                     860-620-0796

Lisa Palazzo      860-846-0253 

Committees                   Phone Number    

Italian Instructor for Children - Tina Riccio 860-621-9148 


Le Sorelle d'Italia in America was organized on March 19, 2010 on the "Festa di San Giuseppe."  The club is made up of Italian ladies who are interested in keeping the Italian heritage and traditions for generations to come. As a group, the ladies would run events to raise money for charitable organizations and to benfit the community. Members must be female, 18 years of age and older, of Italian ancestry or married to an Italian. This is considered a "Regular" member with all eligible voting rights. If not of Italian ancestry or not married to an Italian, you will be a "Social" member. A "Social" member will not be granted voting rights for the annual Board members' election or become a Board member.

Sorelle d'Italia in America is a non-profit organization- donations made to scholarships, cancer organizations, etc.